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Gwendolyn Brooks As A Poet - 2100 Words

Gwendolyn Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas on June 7, 1917, to her parents David and Keziah Brooks, after her birth, the Brooks’ decided to move the family to the South Side of Chicago. Where Brooks grew up and lived the rest of her life there, there Brooks would experience racial prejudice in school. The young poet found comfort in reading and writing, which her parents actively encouraged Brooks’ mother declared to her, that she is going to be a poet. Brooks published her first poem Eventide at age thirteen in American Childhood magazine. At age sixteen, she met Langston Hughes, who gave her words of encouragement after reading her poems at a poetry reading. In 1934, Brooks graduated from an integrated high school with a career at the Chicago Defender. Soon after graduating from Wilson Junior College in 1936, Brooks worked some odd jobs as a housekeeper and a secretary for a crime and drug infested slums known as the Mecca, operated by spiritual impostor. Brooks later recalled both of these painfully degrading job experiences in her poetry. However, these experiences encourage Brooks to join the NAACP Youth Council in 1938, where she met Henry Lowington Blakely II and married in 1939. Blakely and Brooks bore a son Blakely, Jr., and daughter Nora; Brooks continued to mentor for young poets, and sponsored workshops and poetry contest. In the early 1960s, Brooks expanded into teaching at numerous colleges and universities. In 1985, the Library of Congress appointedShow MoreRelatedGwendolyn Brooks : The Modernist Poet1961 Words   |  8 PagesGwendolyn Brooks the Modernist Gwendolyn Brooks’ poetry discusses real issues that have occur in the nineteenth century and twentieth century. Also, she wrote poetry differently than it is consistently written. As a matter of fact, Brooks is a modernist poet which means she was a part of the modernism period. The modernism is a time period where writers like Brooks would use ideas and methods to write literature variously than it was ordinarily written in that time. Therefore, Gwendolyn’s poetryRead MorePoet, Gwendolyn Brooks Uses Social Issues to Connect with the Reader in â€Å"Fight First, Then Fiddle† and â€Å"We Real Cool†659 Words   |  3 Pages The same author Gwendolyn Brooks writes the poems â€Å"Fight First, Then Fiddle† and â€Å"We Real cool†. I am about to explain to you of how the author uses social issues through of the two poems I am referring to connect to her readers. The poem â€Å"We Real Cool†, by Gwendolyn Brooks was a great piece. I chose this poem because I could relate to the choice of words the author had chosen to use. The choice of words the author had chosen led me to believe the teens that the author described in her poemRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Gwendolyn Brooks 1030 Words   |  5 Pagesstop?† (â€Å"Gwendolyn† Gwendolyn Brooks, born in 1917 in Kansas grew up with her father, David Anderson Brooks and her mother, Keziah Wims Brooks. Although born in Kansas, Gwendolyn was raised in Illinois (Shor). Throughout her life she dealt with real issues and confronted them within her writing. Her thoughts and poetry would continue to be relevant for decades, even as time goes on, the world still remains a broken place. â€Å"The Brooks household was a happy one, and Gwendolyn thrivedRead MoreWho is Gwendoyn Brooks?1017 Words   |  5 PagesGwendolyn Brooks was one of the many great writers. In her early poetry, Brooks attacked racial discrimination, praised African American heroes, and satirized booth blacks and whites. She showed great mastery of classic and Modernist poetic techniques. Gwendolyn Brooks was born on June 7,1917 in Topeka, Kansas. She grew up in the Chicago community called Bronzeville (Brooks 1). Gwendolyn Brooks parents was David and Kiziah Brooks. Her mother was a school teacher. Gwendolyns father wasRead MoreLiterary Analysis OfThe Mother, By Gwendolyn Brooks721 Words   |  3 PagesGwendolyn Brooks was an African American poet, who came to national prominence in 1940’s to 1990’s. She was appointed Poet Laureate of Illinois in 1968 and Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1985. Throughout her lifetime Gwendolyn Brooks faced many trials and tribulations. Brooks had a real talent in her ability to express reflective human emotions in such logical expressions. Truthfully, She creates a horrific imagery that abortions are terrible; and in the poem â€Å"TheRead More Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool Essay1347 Words   |  6 PagesGwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool The poem We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks is a stream of the thoughts of poor inner city African-Americans who have adopted a hoodlum lifestyle. Though many can have different interpretations of this poem, it is fair to look at the life and career or the works and influences of Gwendolyn Brooks. The life and art of the black American poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, began on June 7, 1917 when she was born in Topeka, Kansas. She was the first child of Keziah CorineRead MoreWe Real Cool505 Words   |  3 Pagesperhaps Brooks’ single best-known poem, subjects a similarly representative experience to an intricate technical and thematic scrutiny, at once loving and critical. The poem is only twenty-four words long, including eight repetitions of the word â€Å"we.† It is suggestive that the subtitle of â€Å"We Real Cool† specifies the presence of only seven pool players at the â€Å"Golden Shovel.† The eighth â€Å"we† suggests that poet and reader share, on some level, the desperation of the group-voice that Brooks transmitsRead MoreAnalysis Of Gwendolyn Brooks And Robert Hayden s Poetry1255 Words   |  6 Pages Reflective Writing An Analysis of Gwendolyn Brooks and Robert Hayden’s Poetry Many artists are also historians, people who record first-hand experience of history, making note of important events to which many will make reference. Artist do this through music, writing, and orally through passed-down stories and legends. In the area of writing, there are many different types which display historical understanding. These categories divide into poems, prose, short stories, and long stories. The categoryRead MoreEssay about The Harlem Renaissance1515 Words   |  7 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Harlem Renaissance Poets consist of: James Weldon Johnson, Countee Cullen, Claude McKay, Jean (Eugene) Toomer, Langston Hughes, Sterling Brown, Robert Hayden, and Gwendolyn Brooks. These eight poets contributed to modern day poetry in three ways. One: they all wrote marvelous poems that inspired our poets of modern times. Two: they contributed to literature to let us know what went on in there times, and how much we now have changed. And last but not least they all have written poems thatRead MoreAnalysis Of The Explorer By Gwendolyn Brooks1318 Words   |  6 PagesGwendolyn Brooks expresses the injustice of the black society and finding peace and quiet within in her poem titled â€Å"The Explorer†, which was published in 1960. In this poem, Brooks talk about how African Americans are oppressed by whites. To be specific, the main character, male or female, is on the run from white society. Brooks used words such as voices, scream, nervous, and griefs to describe what the main character is feeling as he is searching for a peaceful place. The reader can tell that

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Barack Obama s President Of The United States - 1417 Words

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. He won presidency in 2008 while running against John McCain, then won re-election in 2012 while running against Mitt Romney. In this paper, I will be arguing his achievements and disappointments in his foreign and domestic policies, as well as what campaign promises he has kept or broken while president of the United States. Obama s foreign policy has been the policy of the United States since his administration was inaugurated into office in January of 2009. Hillary Clinton, who ran against Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008, was appointed as Secretary of State. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry taking over in February of 2013. According to, Obama’s foreign policy is; Barack Obama and Joe Biden will renew America’s security and standing in the world through a new era of American leadership. The Obama-Biden foreign policy will end the war in Iraq responsibly, finish the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, secure nuclear weapons and loose nuclear materials from terrorists, and renew American diplomacy to support strong alliances and to seek a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Disappointments made with this foreign policy are failing to end the Iraq war, finishing the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda, securing nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists, and supporting an alliance and seeking peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. WhileShow MoreRelatedBarack Obama s President Of The United States1504 Words   |  7 Pagespromises being kept? Before Barack Obama was elected to be president of the United States, he made promises to the public but did not deliver after being in the office. According to Mark Engler, author of â€Å"Obama’s Broken Resolutions,† Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay in front of a crowd of 1,000 on June of 2007 during his campaign election (Engler 53). Engler quoted Obama, â€Å"The senator repeated his vow the next month, and in subsequent campaign stops: ‘As President, I will close Guantà ¡namo, rejectRead MoreBarack Obama s President Of The United States1264 Words   |  6 PagesBarack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States of America was born in the State of Hawaii where he grew up. His grandparents raised him up from a humble background. The presidency of Obama began on 20th January in the year 2009 after he was sworn in as the 44th president of United States of America. Before unveiling his ambition of vying for the top seat, Barack Obama was the Illinois senator in United States. Obama’s presidency came about as a result of succeeding PresidentRead MoreBarack Obama s Impact On The United States1484 Words   |  6 Pages The Eventful 2000’s â€Å"This is our time†¦ to reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that out of many, we are one ; that while we breath, we hope†¦Ã¢â‚¬  ~ Barack Obama (Barack Obama Working to Make a DIfference) The United States of America not only had to seek out the criminals and then rebuild its security on the homefront from the terrorists attack on September 11, 2001, but the United States embraced equality by making Barack Obama President in 2008.. Along with the troublesRead MoreBarack Obam A New Leader1296 Words   |  6 PagesAfter 9/11 the United States needed a new leader to make the U.S. a â€Å"powerhouse† again. This crisis was very devastating to everyone and the U.S. needed a leader who could help rebuild the country. The foundations of choosing a president is based on great leaders of the country over many years since the beginning. Ironically, Barack Obama does not meet any of these principles of a good leader. Obama is one of the most c ontroversial presidents of all time because of his personal background, passedRead MoreHow the Life of Barack Obama Inspires798 Words   |  3 Pagesaway†(â€Å"Barack Obama Biography†.1). This quote gives a small insight and overview on how Barack Obama’s biographies, speeches, and other quotes such as the one above were inspired by his average childhood with having an absent father, his parents separated at a young age and living with his maternal grandparents. His early careers beginning as an organizer, starting politics and later becoming a senator. Lastly with his adventurous travels with his transits to Kenya, Indonesia, and Chicago. Barack Obama’sRead MoreApril M. Rodriguez. Professor Heaton. Engl 1301. 04/19/2017.1370 Words   |  6 Pages04/19/2017 The Obama Presidency Although the United States has been regarded as having dominant world power amongst other nations, the truth lies far from its holdings. During the George W. Bush administration (2001-09), the United States went through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, declared war on Afghanistan and Iraq causing poor standing with other nations, and was left with a $1.2 trillion-dollar deficit. With the election of a new President, President Obama, came new opportunitiesRead MoreTransformational Leadership As An Exceptional Form Of Influence Essay1567 Words   |  7 Pages185). Current president, Barack Obama has become the demonstration of hope and change throughout the Western World. Although his time in the United States Senate has been brief, he has made an astounding change in the cultural attitudes and behaviors of developed western nations towards people of color and legislated one of the most progressive reforms in history, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Ac t (Obama, 2008). President Obama has defined his rise to and term as President with a leadershipRead MoreArticle Summary : Barack Obama And Celebrity Spectacle884 Words   |  4 Pages Barack Obama and Celebrity Spectacle Written By: Douglas Kellner Name: Santeena Eskharia Student Number: 104374537 Course Number: 02-40-101-01 Lab Section Number: 02-40-101-57 Lab Leader: Samar El-Khatib Barack Obama and Celebrity Spectacle Article Summary Media spectacles play a very important role in today’s society. They often shape the mindsets of individuals and groups. Spectacles are specific and dramatic media events that deliver important messages to the publicRead MoreBarack Obama s President Of The American Dream Essay943 Words   |  4 PagesBio Obama didn’t have an easy road to the oval office. His story, amongst other presidents, is one that embodies the true will of the American dream. A lot of people don’t know that Obama’s father abandoned him when he was young to pursue a degree at Harvard. Nor do they know that Obama lived in Indonesia as a child, or that he went back to his roots in Kenya to meet his family members. Obama played a critical role of shifting the direction of the United States. This paper analyzes the historyRead MoreThe Medi A Very Important Role Of Today s Society865 Words   |  4 Pagesevents. The author, Douglas Kellner, suggests how Barack Obama grew as a global super celebrity by using media spectacle. He argues how Barack Obama’s media techniques led the campaign in his favour in the United States’ presidential election of 2008 (Kellner, 2009). With much publication, broadcasting and advertising resources, Barack Obama was able to attract supporters through his culture and race. The first democratic spectacle was that of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In the first time in history

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Critical Business Analysis Business Competence Level

Question: Describe about the Critical Business Analysis for Business Competence Level. Answer: Research Problem and Research Questions The research problem in the article has been clearly stated. The main aim and purpose of this article is to have an in-depth understanding impact over the academic achievements and self-development of the maltreated children. In cam be critically evaluated that various variables are clearly identified and recognized in the article such as the score cards, competence level, academic achievements, self-perceptions, academic abilities and self-worth. These are the variables which have been clearly identified. On the basis of these variables the judgments has been done over the difference in the maltreated and the non-maltreated children (Kim and Cicchetti, 2010). The relationship between the different variables has been stated clearly. It is evaluated as in the article;Kinard has significantly shown that there is an evident association between the self-perceptions of a child with his or her actual achievements. There has also shown a relationship between the sexual abuse and the academic competence, self-perception and the ratings provided in the classroom sessions and the relationship between mothers support and greater academic achievements. Thus it can be critically evaluate that there are clear relationships demonstrated between the variables in the article. By evaluating that whether the problem statement clearly defines the nature of the population, it can be seen that there are very clear identification of the population. In this article the main population for the research is the maltreated children and for the comparative analysis thee has also been considered the non-maltreated children. It is evident that the purpose, aim, goal and significance of the study in the article are clearly described. The main aim over which the study focuses is the negative impact over the academic performance and achievements of the children because of the maltreatment imposed on the children. The author states the various negative impacts lay over the maltreated children which are increasing rapidly. There has been evidently shown that the major goal is to reduce such practices and help the children to have a better self-assessment and self-perception so that they can achieve the academic achievements effectively. The feasibility of the study is also mentioned clearly as for the research there has been taken use of a sample of 195 maltreated children and 179 non-maltreated children. The study has been taken place by performing a comparative analysis of both the groups. Hypothesis and Variables As the article selected for the critically reviewing is by Kinard, named Perceived and actual academic competence in maltreated children and it is a quantitative in nature there is a need to review the article on the basis of Hypothesis and variables. Following is the critical review of the article in context with hypothesis and variable: The hypothesis is clearly stated as there has been significantly identified the various variables over which the results are based and are also tested clearly. In the article the hypothesis testing is done on the basis of variables such as perceived competence, reading competence, spelling competence, arithmetic competency, reading discrepancy, spelling discrepancy and arithmetic discrepancy. There is a need that the hypothesis must be adequately related with the research problem. In this article it is evaluated that the hypothesis are very much related to the problem. Here the research problem is the downfall in the achievements of the maltreated children and the hypothesis are directly linked with this as there has been taken variables on which the competence is judged and these hypotheses are very much required for evaluating the actual impact over the maltreated children. In this article it has been analyzed that the independent variable (IV), dependent variable (DV) and the study population has been easy to identify and are stated clearly. In the article the independent variable, dependent variable and the study population are as follows: IV: maltreated children DV: low competence and low academic achievements Study Population: the sample size is 195 maltreated children and 179 non-maltreated children After reviewing the framework and the literature review it is seen that the hypothesis is consistent with these two aspects. As in the article Kinard has specifically defined the dependence and reliability among the variables chosen and the literature review presented. The literature states that the self-perceptions and the competence level are co-related as well as lay significant impact over the academic achievements of the children. Literature Review After reviewing the literature presented in the article it is analyzed that the there is systematic presentation of the facts and the information of different authors as well as it is exhaustive in nature. It is stated on the basis of the facts that firstly the literature talks about the self-perceptions of the children regarding their individual academic ability and in context with this there has been presented views of different authors over the perceptions and expectations of the teachers and its impact over the performance of the children. Next to have an interconnection there has been provided literature related to the reason of low performance of the children i.e. the unsupportive behavior of the parents towards the maltreated children and thus there develops a discrepancy between the ideal and the real selves. Thus it is clearly stated that the literature review is exhaustive as well as systematic. The literature is found to be clearly and evidently related to the research pro blem or it can be said there is a direct relation of the literature review with the topic of interest. In the article, it has been demonstrated that in the literature review the authors throw a significant light over the various aspects which are connected with the research problem such as the notions regarding self-perceptions, achievements, academic ability and discrepancy are the topics which directly links to the research problem. The literature clearly identifies the known and the unknown elements of the research such as the known elements are the impact of unsupportive behavior of the parents, perception of peers and teachers, mal-treatment of the children and the unknown elements are how these children can have better self-perception, improved academic qualification and enhanced knowledge through the effective support and development sessions and various self-evaluation and betterment programs. The maximum sources which have been reviewed are the secondary sources which include the work, thesis and articles of various other authors. The literature review also highlights the importance and significance of the research as in the literature it is stated that the comparative research supported the practicality of the outcomes and also the quantitativeresearch provides a true picture of the impacts laid over the performance of the maltreated children. There has been provided a critical analysis or synthesis of the article in the discussion part which emphasis over the critical evaluation of the research and its outcomes. The framework is also identified clearly. The framework here identified here is that because of the maltreatment and the unsupportive behavior of the parents are the major a reason behind the low competence of the maltreated children and this framework isstrongly presented in the literature review. It is also consistent with the research problem as well as guides the study in an effective manner as it helps in identifies the major elements of the research problem. There are clear and evident concepts have been provided by the author regarding the research problem and they are correlated with the theoretical framework as the concepts provided in the article are the self-perceptions of the children, perceptions and expectations of the teachers and the unsupportive behavior of the parents. There has been analyzed a clear relationship among these entire concept which together results to the increase of the research problem i.e. the low competence of the maltreated children. Research Design The research design selected here is quantitative research. The quantitative research is based upon the 195 maltreated children and 179 non-maltreated children and their comparative analysis. It has been analyzed that the research design is very much congruent with the conceptual framework, literature review and the research questions as in the article the research design is quantitative and the literature review presented is there has been presented the result of comparative analysis where the authors contradict that only the self-perceptions and the perception of the teachers are not the only components which impact the achievement and ability of the maltreated children (Kinard, 2001). There has been provided a causal relationship between the dependent and the independent variable as the impact over the achievements and the ability is dependent upon the individual variable that is the children who are maltreated. The research design has confidently and significantly met the criteria for the causation as the research design has demonstrated the results of the survey which was took place over the 195 maltreated children. There has been conducted a quantitative research that is the experimental research it has been identified that there are no evidences related to randomization, control and manipulation. The author has significantly used the actual samples and evidences instead of making any kind of manipulation in the research undertaken. The results are the outcomes of true and genuine sample size and there is identified the authenticity of the study. If there has been taken place a non-experimental research that is qualitative research instead of the real facts and samples then for a bigger size of population there might be somewhat similar results of the research. There will be shown a low result and scores of the competence and achievements of the maltreated children when compared with the non-maltreated children. The research has a control system or can be said a control element as there has been provided various ways in which the maltreated children can have a better self-perception and greater score cards and achievements. Therefore the control element is present in the research design of the article. There are few threats which were realized as the potential risks to the internal and external validity such as whether the conclusion provided by the investigator is correct, does the variations in the IV are very much responsible for the analyzed change in the DV or not as well as the change in the DV is an outcome of the various other causes. They can be addressed by the means of various experimental designs which can help in safeguarding the research from these threats (Leeson and Nixon, 2011). Sampling Method and Sample size The research study provides adequate information regarding the sample selection as well as the inclusion or exclusion of the criteria. As the sample information is provided on the article that there have been selected 195 maltreated children from the state protective service agency and a control group of 179 no maltreated children. The inclusion or exclusion of the data make a significant and effectivesense in the research study as the data and the elements which have been included put a direct impact over the research problem that is the perceived and actual competence of the maltreated children. There has been selected the children of age between 6 to 12 years and there were 47.9% male and 52.1% female and this criteria make sense it depicts that there has beena gender equality in the research study as well as there is an average age of 9 years of the children which is a appropriate age to know the growing aspect and to understand the various impacts of the self-perception and the maltreatment. The sample is regarded as the representative of the population as the sample chosen is 195 maltreated children of agency where they are relatively present number of agencies which work for theses maltreated students and the conditions are similar of the children of all these agencies. And thus it can be said that the sample taken is clear representative of the population. The sample size was 195 maltreated children and 179 non-maltreated children and the sample size selected makes significant sense as out of such large population there was a need that this sample size is relevant to know the complete impact and to have a practical and judgmental result and outcome of the research study. Methods of Data Collection The data collected is quantitative in nature as there are fixed number of samples selected and data collection has been done.The data sources and the methods of the data collection is also specified clearly as the in this research the data source is the primary sources that is the children as sample have been selected and information has been gathered from them thusit is a primary data source. For the data collection the method used here is sample survey, grouping of the sample and interviews. And these methods sound appropriate to attain information.The level at which the variables are measured at low, average and high. There has not been identified any sort of potential biases in the data collection. The data is constructively collected and the outcomes are also on the basisof evident and reliable resourcesand information (Van Bruggen, Runtz and Kadlec, 2006). References Kim, J., Cicchetti, D. (2010).Longitudinal pathways linking child maltreatment, emotion regulation, peer relations, and psychopathology. Journal of Child Psychology Psychiatry, 51(6), 706-716. Kinard, E.M. (2001), Perceived and actual academic competence in maltreated children, Child Abuse Neglect, Pp.33-45. Leeson, F. J., Nixon, R. D. V. (2011). The role of children's appraisals on adjustment following psychological maltreatment: A pilot study. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 31(5), 759-771. Van Bruggen, L., Runtz, M., Kadlec, H. (2006). Sexual revictimization: The role of sexual self-esteem and dysfunctional sexual behaviors. Child Maltreatment, 11(2), 131-145.

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Why is Jaws still Spielbergs most effective thriller Essay Example

Why is Jaws still Spielbergs most effective thriller Paper Jaws is a thriller with an exciting plot. A thriller is a genre that creates tension and suspense. A typical thriller can feature a terrifying predator and in Jaws it is the shark that is the predator. Films like King Kong and The Fly which were early predecessors had major influences on more modern films like Jaws. It was followed by The Return of the Fly. Jaws was made in Long Island America in 1975. It was made by Steven Spielberg. It is set on a beach resort and it is about a great white shark that was disrupting holidays. It firstly took the life of a young girl at night. Next, it took the life of a child when the sea green waters turn red. Police Chief Brody, the local Inspector decides to take up the case with the help of a marine biologist and a fisherman they put an end to the bloodshed. At the beginning of the first scene in Jaws it is a dark night which is typical icon of thriller genres which thrills and creates mystery, fear and tension in the viewer. We become engaged in the play by focusing on the two silhouettes across the beach. They create the initial plot and it keeps us hooked to the movie right from the beginning. We will write a custom essay sample on Why is Jaws still Spielbergs most effective thriller specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Why is Jaws still Spielbergs most effective thriller specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Why is Jaws still Spielbergs most effective thriller specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer There are a group of young teenagers socializing around a fire, all happy and enjoying themselves. The diegetic sounds of people chatting and music gives us a feel of romance genre. The camera focuses a close-up shot of two of the main characters in the scene amongst the crowd and they both stare at each other as if they are madly in love. Suddenly, the sense of danger comes into the scene when the young girl, who is the main character jumps to her feet and runs down the beach pulling her clothes off to attract attention to the teenage boy. In a long-shot the camera follows their two silhouettes. We can sense the vulnerability at that point as they are strangers, naked, alone and slightly drunk. After that a long shot shows the girl jumping into the water. Here the thriller genre begins. The teenage girl is swimming smoothly for only a little while. Suddenly, she is pulled down into the water and is trying to shout for help. The audience is confused and hooked when this happens. The close-up of the girl shows that she is being pulled from side to side continuously and eventually she dies and the scene ends. The viewer is confused and they feel sorry for the girl as they couldnt identify the attacker of the death. Mystery, which is the typical feature of thriller genre, is used at the end of this scene as we are left clueless. Also using Todorovs theory of disequilibrium is applied here, when the audience is left in confusion on a climax. The second attack scene starts with an evocative atmosphere with a calm relaxed beach scene in the morning with families enjoying themselves on Americas Independence day on Long Island. They are all happy and cheerful. This gives a sense of false security and the shark attack will have devastating impact on the people enjoying themselves. The viewer gets hints that another attack is about to happen when the camera focuses on Chief Brodys face. When we see his facial expressions, we see that he seems stressed and tense. There are mid-close-ups of the chief looking over shoulders. This creates tension by transferring the stress to the audience; the viewer knows more than the character about what is going to happen which is dramatic irony as we know about the previous attack which is shown in the Chiefs facial expressions. Non-digetic sound is used to add to the atmosphere when the Chief cant concentrate on the beach as the radio is on and people are talking and screaming. We are left in suspense wondering if there is going to be another attack. The central characters that are used as a focus indicate the dog and boy, the old man, the Chief, the little boy building a castle, the woman floating in the water and a big group of children. The viewers are nervous about what is going to happen which keeps us hooked to the movie. These characters are used to give two false alarms. The man in the black swim hat looks like a shark and the boy who lifts the girl underwater creates the impression of an attack. We are kept tense waiting for the attack and alarmed by the false warnings. Other signs and symbols used to denote danger when the man calls out for his dog and he has suddenly gone missing. The signified meaning of this is that the dog has been killed by the shark and the presence of the shark creates suspense. We first see the shark when it is introduced by underwater camera shots which make the audience tense and aware that the shark is going to attack. We feel helpless because we cant let the characters know there is a shark in the ocean. It is confirmed for the audience that an attack is going to happen because the sound is a signature sound which complements the underwater camera. The boy lies down on his float he goes deeper into the ocean and he is turned upside down by the shark and then we see a rush of red blood in the ocean which tells the viewers he is eaten. Next, we see a huge rush of families run from the beach onto the shore. The camera is then used to see Chief Brody from another perspective using a panoramic view to show the alarm and fear on his face after the attack. The dramatic irony in this scene is that we see everything from the Chiefs perspective. In the final scene we continue to concentrate on the hero as we have been following him throughout the film; the Chief. There are many camera shots ranging from a long-shot zoom which captures Chief Brodys reactions and emotions. This empathises and engages the audience. We want him to survive and true to conventions the hero does survive. The camera zooms upwards on his eyes at the key moment to register emotion when they are lowering the marine biologist into the cage. His fear transfers to the audience which makes us tense. The viewers see that there is chemistry in Brodys and the marine biologists friendship. The audience feels the sense of happiness between the two. There are symbols to suggest the possible outcomes and events; whether the cage will protect or confine the trap. This creates anxiety for the viewers. We wonder if he will survive his encounter with the shark. There is a hint of danger when the camera zooms on significant symbols; when the fisherman tries to drug the shark and the poison falls through the bars. This increases tension and there could possibly be different endings. There is non-digetic music, the jaws signature tune which plays when the shark appears near the cage and stops when the shark is more visual towards the end of the scene. This lets the viewer of the sharks presence and the music is peaceful and calm as soon as the shark is destroyed at the end and drifts towards the sea bed. This creates an effect of happiness and satisfaction as the audience is fearless. Overall, I think Jaws is a successful thriller because of the suspense that is created in the movie. For example, the signature tune keeps us in apprehension waiting to see what happens next. Also, the movie is realistic because sharks could actually kill you in real life which gives us creates a realistic effect. If you compare Jaws to Jurassic Park for example; this thriller wont keep us in as much suspense like it would in Jaws because dinosaurs are not actually living creatures and so the plot lacks terrifying realism. The plot in Jurassic Park is fantastical and also, the characters in the movie always escape death. The first frightening technique in the movie is in the opening scene when the girl is focused on and there is a close up of her being pulled under. This puts tension on the audience as we dont know what is attacking the girl. Then in the last scene where there is increase in tension for the audience and we think that there could possibly many kinds of different endings to the story.

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Satire Essay Main Rules, Topics, Examples

Satire Essay Main Rules, Topics, Examples How To Write A Satire Essay This article will guide you on how to write a satire essay in detail and will explain what a satire essay is as well as show you some examples. The text uses satire to make you understand its main objective. Assignments on this topic are known to be the most challenging for most students. In these kinds of essays, students need to show their expertise in content and subject area. Similarly, they should use humor to point absurdities found in our real-life situations . Although satire essays are full of humor, there are those without or minimal instances of humor. Most of them are expressed in a serious tone which shows that readers should take them seriously. There are advantages of writing these kinds of essays more so to those individuals wishing to master the art of writing. Once you have learned how to infuse irony, humor, and hyperbole, you will discover them not only being fun but also easy to write. Learning your Task Its crucial for you to understand every aspect of your writing assignment. You should be in a position to point out the following: If your homework intends to satirize a given cultural topic The length of the essay Our formatting guide will help you select the right format to use while writing your assignment. You might be in a dilemma not knowing whether to write your paper in first, second or third person point of view. For those who have never read satire essays before, you should consider reading the work of Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal who is well known for these types of pieces. If you are wondering where to find them, then consider the site The Onion which usually deals with the topics in politics. While writing your assignment, incorporating satire enables you to write the essay in a first persons point of view. This makes you point out issues in the society especially those concerning society and culture. Using an example where this article points womens demeaning which is being explained by Trumps Hollywood tapes leaked information (Satire Essay, 2019). Meme proposing that female gender should not oppose what amen say suggest that they are annoyed by his utterances. This is clearly shown through the work of E.L. Jamess Fifty Shades of Gray showing a romantic relationship between female and male where the male is in total control and the woman is expected to submit to him. Topics of Satire Essay When writing a satire essay on any topics, its good to point out the significant events of culture and politics. The most common ideas you should consider while writing: Brexit Border Walls Hillary Clinton Mike Pence Donald Trump Barack Obama Tim Kaine Immigration reform A list of satirical topics is endless and if you are unsure of what to select contact our support team who are ready to help you any time. Brainstorming of Any Satirical Essay Any good essay writing process begins with brainstorming. Brainstorming is a useful tool for all essay writers that plays a significant role even in writing a satirical essay (Satire Essay, 2019). While there are familiar writing outlines employed in the initial stages of planning, there are other methods that work perfectly well when it comes to satire writing tasks. One of the tools that are commonly used and we like most is the use of a bubble map. A bubble map is a simple tool that would be used starting from elementary schools onwards. The tool associates words in line with your topic of interest. For instance, if you decide to write a bubble map for any prominent figure in the society say, Donald Trump, you will diversify and use words like businessman, father, married, adulterer, divorced, New York City, orange, billionaire, bombastic, real estate, and home alone. You can see from the above bubble map how those words bring out elements that are associated with Donald Trump. When it comes to descriptive essays on a dog, there would be some words in the middle like the name of that given dog (Satire Essay, 2019). When using the bubble map, you should be aware that the words you choose should not be your own words you decide to use while writing your essay. The words used should aid in exposing an issue and further directs on the ways of approaching it satirically. Thesis Statements in Satire Essays After deciding on the right topic, you should then come up with a good thesis statement for your essay. You may be wondering what a thesis statement is. Thesis Statement is merely a road map of your piece that is always one or two sentences. It helps your readers understand the primary objective of your essay. Regardless of your essay type, the structure of your thesis statement always remains the same except in satire essay where it differs slightly. In satire essays, it is different unlike situations when one is proposing a real idea. Below are some examples of Thesis Statements: To ensure the safety of your jewelry, you need to be conspicuous on it, ensure valuable jewelry is stored in a vault or deposit box that is safe, also, do not travel with excessive jewelry than (Author: Kim Kardashian-West) Having a successful marriage is extremely simple: you have to identify your second wife while married to your first wife and have more children with her before you get married. (Author: Brad Pitt) From the above examples, it is clear that the most satirical element in the essay is the individual writing it. Also, the target audience can be part of the satire. When Jimmy Carter wrote to Trump a letter informing him not to worry of offending women is satirical in a way since both Jimmy and Trump are respected figures in the United States of America.   The case of Bill Clinton is writing a letter to Barrack Obama to guide him on how to be a good husband while in the White House is Irony in itself. This is because Obama is well known for his excellence in family matters and he is perceived to be an excellent husband too. On the other hand, Bill had a lousy legacy as he had an affair outside marriage while in office. Finally, criticisms of Maddona of Lady Gaga of publicity or even Peter Rose Criticizing Tom utilize all aspects of double-satire. Resources for Satirical Essays A wide range of satirical essays is based on events happening in the current century. Though citing them directly may not be compulsory at the moment, it is essential for you to know the real facts and issues that are associated with a given situation (Satire Essay, 2019). It is even ironical for you to identify the satiric news sites. In this modern time, this would be much more difficult to notice concerning political context. To avoid all these troubles, you need to be careful while selecting your topic and ensure your sources are unbiased and academically reliable. It can be difficult finding a reliable source for your essay. To be sure you have the right sources, use the sources that are not more than three years old and from reputable publishers like newspapers, magazines, and .com and .org websites. However, you are free to use sources for more than three years old, but you should inform your readers of any change of information in the concerned period. Additionally, you might have been discouraged to use sources like Wikipedia, Britannica, and Encyclopedia while doing your writing assignments. The advice is good as these sources are not regarded as reliable sources in the scholarly world. However, do not allow the ban to prevent you from using the references (Satire Essay, 2019). They can give an excellent overview of your topic and give you resources you can research for further information.   Google scholar is another great search engine that gives you an opportunity to limit the kind of resources you want to look at. With the above search engine, you can find either academic or scholarly articles and would support you in finding the best academic and scholarly writing. Other generic sites like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are also good sources of information while writing satire essays. Also, you can make use of other local and major networks as they are good sources of news. The above news channels have programs that are not sources but are both social and political commentary. While using these shows, you need to be careful as they sometimes present information to the readers in a biased way or give unreliable information. As you write be aware of possible biased information especially when selecting your sources. Citing your Sources If you decide to incorporate all your resources in your satirical essay, you will have to cite all academic sources to back-up any claim you make on certain political styles. If your essay is based on actual dates, rare facts, and figures, you need to cite all your sources. In such cases, you will be directed on the formats to use, or you will have to decide on your own . The most commonly used academic citation styles for undergraduate students are the American Psychology Association (APA), modern language association (MLA), and Turabian or Chicago. Unless in your assignment there are clear instructions on the type of format to use, go for the writing style you understand best. Examples of Satire Essays As a student, its easy for you to digest a concept if you are given an example. Thus, our model will not only help you understand how you can write an amazing satirical essay but will also help you master how you can format your essays correctly. On our site, you will get an excellent satirical essay. Just fill in the order form. We hope that after reading our article on satire and using our provided examples, you will be more confident than before to confront any satire essay throughout your academic journey. Even after reading our article and examples you might still encounter challenges right from topic selection to completing your essay . Remember we are here for you. We have a complete team of tutors ready to help you in any challenge you encounter in your writing process from topic selection to writing a flawless piece. To get more insight, go to our website.

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BrandAnalysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

BrandAnalysis - Essay Example Brand Promise The promise that Starbucks makes is that the customer will get perfect coffee every single time, just the way the customer wants it. Starbucks maintains its own coffee bean farms to make sure the beans will be exactly as required for the coffee products that Starbucks makes for its customers. This means that coffee made around the world in different Starbuck stores, also caters to the local population and culture and, therefore, builds its coffee drinks to suit the customers, but still not deviate from Starbucks core values. As an example, Starbucks put out a notice about the new espresso promise in Dubai, U.A.E. that each cup of coffee will be perfect. Additionally, Starbucks also launched the Starbucks ® Blonde Roast which is comprised of the world’s best Arabica beans to provide a lighter coffee that still provides the best of Starbucks’ coffees but with a more mellow taste (Starbucks Newsroom, 2012). Brand Personality The Starbucks brand personality is one projecting a place where you can purchase your coffee and then sit down in the store, relax, chat with friends, while drinking your coffee and maybe have breakfast or lunch at the same time. All Starbucks stores promise to provide clean, and restful stores with plenty of sitting room, should customers need it. Starbucks projects an image of a business, run by people who care about your needs and desires, and will work to see that you get what you want. The idea is to give customers a place away from home to relax, but feel just as comfortable as if they were still home, short of being still in one’s pajamas. Brand Values The value the Starbucks Corporation promotes is that it builds on its values and that it is important to do the right thing. Starbucks is heavily invested in the communities where the stores across the world are located. This year, two stores, one in Los Angeles, California and one in Harlem, New York, will see profits put back into its community for d evelopment purposes. Additionally, Starbucks, rather than sending jobs overseas, will open a new roasting facility for its VIA instant coffee product, creating nearly 200 new jobs in Augusta, Georgia. CEO Howard Schultz also has created the ‘Jobs Initiative Program’ which already has raised millions of dollars from 600,000+ customers that will go to a network of loan sources for small businesses. Plenty of similar actions have also taken place around the world, creating a persona of goodwill ambassador for the American people (Gray, 2012). Brand Attributes Starbucks brand attributes are reflected through the different types of coffee drinks created for its diverse consumer base. Additionally, store baristas are trained to provide information on all aspects of the coffee beans used in any coffee drinks and know how to make every drink currently on the menu. Other attributes also include the customer service involved, such as the Starbucks Rewards Card, which records the drinks purchased over time and after about 10 to 15 drinks, customers can get a free drink or are allowed extra creams and other ingredients. With the Starbucks Card, the company is also able to keep in constant contact with customers through surveys and advertising promotions. It’s main attribute is showing the customers that Starbucks cares and wants to know everything possible about how to please the customer.

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Paul's First Missionary Journey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Paul's First Missionary Journey - Essay Example Table of Contents Introduction 2 Dating Issues 5 Bringing God’s Message to the Gentiles 9 Implications for the Church 19 Conclusion 20 Bibliography 21 Introduction Paul was born in Tarsus as Saul1, into a devout Jewish family that brought him up â€Å"a member of the people of Israel, a Hebrew...; as to the law, a Pharisee†23. By that time, Tarsus was the metropolis of Cilicia, which had been administered by the governor of the Roman province of Syria4. There is a little mention of the city of Tarsus in the scriptures5; however, having been written about the time of Paul, Strabo’s Geography presents a more detailed account of the issue, stating that the city of Tarsus possessed a flourishing and powerful population, and all kinds of schools of rhetoric6. Another description of Tarsus is given by Flavius Philostratus in his Life of Apollonius, where the city is considered â€Å"harsh and strange and little conductive to the philosophic life†, and its citize ns nowhere else more addicted to luxury7. From looking at these accounts of Paul’s place of birth, one would envisage an important city, whose self-confident inhabitants lived more or less a comfortable life, in a â€Å"proud and virile atmosphere of mental and physical achievement†8. According to Paul’s own words, not only could his family trace their line of descent back to â€Å"the tribe of Benjamin†9 – they also adhered very strictly to the way of life regulated by the stipulations of the Jewish law – â€Å"circumcised on the eighth day†10 – and maintained close ties with the Jewish community in Palestine11. Some scholars point out that the traditional concept of Paul’s personality could be traced back to the second-century apocryphal Acts of Paul –â€Å"Small of stature, balding, bow legs, large eyes, eyebrows meeting, nose slightly hooked†, with appearance â€Å"full of grace†, sometimes looki ng â€Å"more like an angel than a man†12. On the other hand, his writings imply a sign of specific weakness – â€Å"a thorn was given to me in the flesh†13, which has been variously interpreted in terms of a physical defect, whether epilepsy, leprosy, or even stigmata14. Compelling evidence of Paul’s education is provided throughout his letters, insofar as some of his ideas, theological assertions, and terminology could be paralleled in rabbinic Judaism15; however, an explicit account of the issue is found in Acts of the Apostles – â€Å"brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, educated strictly according to our ancestral law†16. On the other hand, the style of Paul’s letters, e.g. literary patterns, hint other educational influences, namely Roman, Hellenistic stoic philosophy, etc.17 The turning point in Paul’s life – from a persecutor of the Church of God to the apostolic commission to preach the word of God t o the Gentiles – is widely believed to have taken place during the Damascus episode18. Nevertheless, Paul’s own account in his letter to the Galatians speaks of the continuity of divine action19, which had actually began before his birth – â€Å"†¦God, who had set me apart before I was born and called me through his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me, so